Hi there!

I’m Yasmin Kenzo, a professional Digital Content Manager, and newbie Fashion and Style Blogger based in Trier (Germany).

Having been raised by a German mother and American father, I highly value the different views, beliefs and styles of each culture. What I love about fashion is that it is international, and different styles melding together can create entirely unique and one-of-a-kind looks. To me, it unites inspiration from all over the world!

Most importantly though, fashion has a huge impact on my well-being, as it touches and inspires me on an emotional level. It empowers, and has even helped me to develop more self-esteem as a teen. Out of this motivation, I decided to start this fashion and style blog. Each post will somehow relate to the way the outfit presented will impact me on a confidence level.

I hope to be an inspiration to other women!

Yasmin Kenzo

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