Fall Fashion Vibes – Sweetenin’ up November

Fall Fashion Vibes – Sweetenin’ up November

Are you ready for fall fashion?
I find it hard to completely clear out my flowery dresses for the upcoming, cold months, therefore I’ve decided to keep some of them out for those sunny days of fall to make the transition from summer to fall easier! With the days getting shorter, darkness approaching even earlier, I need something bright and gay to lift up my mood.

Why take the fun out of what we wear just because it’s a dark season?


Fall and winter give you a reason to switch up your wardrobe – take advantage of it! Therefore, today’s look is a light, long-armed dress reflecting some of the colors of fall with a bunch of flowers!

The dress was designed by Miss Miss, and I bought it at FEVER FASHION. It’s shorter in the front than in the back, which lets it flow. I especially love the floral print, which happens to be one of the big fall/winter trends in 2017. Have a look at the looks on the runway that British Vogue listed in their Floral Trend Guide, where floral fall fashion comes in all shapes and colors to brighten up this cold time of the year.
I paired the dress with silver-metallic shoes made of genuine brush leather from Paul green. If it had been cooler, even black tights could have worked.

On the close up above of the dress’ patterns, you can see its light blue colors with a soft, burnt orange that reflect this time of the year. Alongside, I paired the dress with one of my favorite little bags I bought at H&M some time ago. The bag is simple, but I like it’s round shape, plus I can combine it with a variety of outfits.

It’s so hard to let go of summer…tell  me, how do you make the transitioning easier? What are other fall fashion trends you currently like? Let me know in the comments below!



Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn


  • by SoNa
    Posted 23. November 2017 0:13 0Likes

    First of all, congratulations for this amazing fashion blog. Thank you so much for inspiring me and others with your incredible feeling for fashion trends and outfits. I really love this beautiful dress with floral print as you can combine it in so many different ways. If its cooler, I would also combine a thiner legging or jegging in black or dark blue of Calzedonia with it.
    For me its also hard to let go of summer…time passes so quickly. I am looking forward to the christmas markets which start soon and to spend a lot of time with friends in this “dark” season so that you don’t feel alone. Wishing you a lovely week,

    • by admin2505
      Posted 24. November 2017 6:07 0Likes

      Hi SoNa,
      Thanks for the lovely comment! I am happy to hear that I am an inspiration to you 🙂

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