Fall Fashion Vibes Part II – Sweetenin’ up November

Fall Fashion Vibes Part II – Sweetenin’ up November

Picking up on my last blog post about fall fashion vibes, I started experimenting around with jackets to fit the dress I wore. It’s really fun to play around with different outfit pieces because they can change up entire looks! To find the right one, I browsed through my closet and decided between a brown, fake-fur vest and the one I decided to wear on the pictures. The look that I created below makes the flowery dress even more suitable for fall fashion!

I got this jacket at FEVER FASHION. It is such unique piece of art made up of genuine leather in light beige with silver fringes. Any outfit will automatically be upgraded with this piece of clothing.


The silver fringes give the outfit a certain edge and make it fun to wear! The shoes have a similar metallic color and therefore perfectly match it. I could also imagine wearing this jacket with a pair of dark blue jeans and a matching dark top or blouse.


This would make it wearable in an office. The jacket is such a timeless piece that I can assure you now, that this is something I will always wear! Do you own such timeless pieces? Let me know below!


Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn

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