My Fashion Self

My Fashion Self

In my world, fashion and confidence definitely go together like Beyonce and Jay Z!
For a couple of years, I have been longing for a way to make more out of my interest in fashion, because…

Fashion touches and affects me on an emotional level

Therefore, I wanted to pick up on the topic of fashion and confidence and make a blog out of it. I’m convinced that there’s a lot of you out there who can relate to this. In fact, a scientific researcher once did a study that clearly prooved that the way people dress impacts their performances. A couple of years ago, Vogue magazine has written an article about Confidence Dressing and attests how your “outfit may alter how you approach and interact with the world”.

To start off with my first outfit, I naturally selected one that reflects me and my personality the best, and one that empowers me. The combination of the white, fluffy sweater with the black petticoat make an unusual mix of comfortable and daring.



I bought this white-beige sweater at Mango a couple of weeks ago because I love the wide, layered arms and the neutral color allows me to combine it with a lot of different skirts that fill up my closet. I used to mainly wear tighter tops along with wide skirts, but that has clearly changed.



The skirt is made up of black petticoat with black dots all over it, and it reaches beyond my knees. You can find more treasures such as this one at a nice little boutique in Trier, Germany called “Fever Fashion”.



I hope you liked my first post! Let me know in the comments below how you relate to fashion and confidence. I’m curious to know and would like to my blog to be a base of discussion!
You can read more about my ambitions in fashion my “About Me” section.


Photography by J├╝rgen Wingertszahn

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