Fashionable hats for the season

Fashionable hats for the season

The hats we wear give our outfits an uplift! They make us feel more special and sophisticated while keeping us warm. The variety of styles offer us a multitude of options: A hat can transform your outfit from one end of the spectrum to the other. Imagine stepping out with pointy ears as the coolest cat on the block #miau, by donning one of Karl Lagerfeld’s hat designs, inspired by his cute cate Choupette. Or you can go Russian style by topping off your outfit with a fake fur hat as seen on Asos. You can also opt to go bold and wear a bucket hat like Marc Jacobs presented last year during the Fall/Winter Collection 2017. Add a touch of royalty to your life, and step out in public with a hat symbolizing a crown, so that you appear to be well “behated”.

Together with my close friend So Na (you can check her out on Instagram here), who loves hats just as much as I do, we selected four fashionable hats that are nevertheless timeless! Check em’ out!


Steal the spotlight with this, because you will be the attention-getter pulling off this floppy hat accessory! Made of 100% wool from “Charles & Anthony” (alias C&A, yes, you read right!) this luscious-bordeaux-wine red color graces So Na’s lips. The long-awaited, but unfortunately already sold-out Dior Liquid Satin Lipgloss no. 894, accentuates the extravagant, fashionable hat. Wearing this does not really depend on the occasion. Either pimp up a “boring” outfit by giving it an edge, or combine it with a same-colored or black dress, that’ll lend it even more drama! Be aware, that this floppy hat suits long and slim-shaped face shapes.

The typical French hat, called the Beret, truly has its charm. Since the 1920s, this “accessoire” has been trending, and it sets a genuine fashion statement. Pull on a Beret, to demonstrate neatness, discipline, and fierceness! Thanks to its flatness, it lends itself to being pulled into various shapes. Its versatility allows it to be worn forward, backwards, or angled to either side.

This cozy edition is much more casual than the previous two types of hats. It suits all face shapes, but be aware: it will destroy your hairdo. So Na paired it with the same-colored scarf, polishing up the look. It’s playful in a way due to the glittery elements and the fake fur pouf at the end of the tip.

Finally, this hat remains one of my faves, the Baker Boy hat! It adds some coolness to my outfit. It has transformed from a working man’s garb in the 19th century, to a tool of the fashionistas all around the world. By combining it with traditional outfits, the Baker Boy dresses them down!

Got any hats that you cannot live without? Share your favorites in the comments below! Heads up, I mean “hats” up!


Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn

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