How to pull of bold eye makeup

How to pull of bold eye makeup

Theme for today’s post? Go bold with the makeup – if your outfit agrees. For my first beauty post, my friend Felicia Lazar suggested this golden-blue makeup that spices up the rather clean and simple blue dress I’m wearing. The colors match my skin tone, it it makes me look-and feel glamorous! Where to wear this to? E.g. to an afterwork party or an event.

To get that fresh teint, Felicia used a basic foundation like this one, and topped it off with her favorite bronzer Les Beiges Healthy Glow- Medium Bronze Powder from Chanel. She highlighted my face in Rose to give me a natural blush.


Matching my rosy cheeks, the Lipgloss Gloss Rouge Coco nr 752 from Chanel went along with this makeup look.

The eyeshadow, the most bold aspect, is made of four metallic, golden and intense colors that finished off this glamorous look. The blue eyeshadow has an intensity due to the strong color pigments. It sure does create a dramatic eyesight. We selected a mascara that gave me more volume. For those who need “more”: just add some fake lashes if you want to be THE person of interest that night!

Are you ready to go bold? Let me know in the comments what you think about this look!


Makeup by Felicia Lazar
Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn


  • by Alunita
    Posted 21. January 2018 20:10 0Likes

    WOW!!!!!! Love the combination ❤Keep going….Great job!!!🖒

    • by admin2505
      Posted 28. January 2018 18:55 0Likes

      Thanks, Alunita! 🙂

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