Office Chic Fashion

Office Chic Fashion

Having worked in a men’s business for the past couple of years has exposed me to a tons of different situations – both positive and negative. Naturally, the one most crucial thing I take from it, is the way I dress around men, especially when I need to convince:

never too short, too tight or too flashy


Of course I should wear what I want to, but entering a meeting with a room full of men wearing a short skirt have made them focus on the wrong things. AND, for the rest of the meeting, I was often fighting to be taken seriously. Therefore, I put a lot of attention to my office outfits and choose them wisely.

To find that perfect “wear-to-work-attire”, I like to combine feminine colors with a more prominent accessory and a basic pair of pants.

I chose these pants from Miss Miss based on their length, the skinny cut and the bow around the waist #soyvessaintlaurent. The blouse in light pink from the same brand match my sandals that I bought at Vince Camuto, and the necklace draws some, but not too much attention to it. A little bling is just right.

Do you have a universal outfit you like to wear to such meetings? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by J├╝rgen Wingertszahn

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