Prepping for Spring-Summer with Chanel

Prepping for Spring-Summer with Chanel

Perhaps you have already seen the Spring-Summer Chanel Makeup looks on Instagram, they’re like a fresh hint of spring and summer! Luca Pica, the crafter of this makeup collection, describes this look as “volcanic.” He drew his inspiration from his hometown Naples, which stands for vibrant, intense and sensual personalities.
Shortly before Valentine’s Day, the day So Na and I chose to celebrate being Single & Fabulous, this look just fit our intentions. So, we decided to try out these looks – especially since we have similar skin complexions as these two models!

First, we tried out the following look on me:

And this is what came out:


The colors of the Chanel eyeshadow combine a range of bright but also subtle colors. The look foresaw green eyeshadow placed onto the entire lid with the golden color applied as an eyeliner, which makes this look intense, but soft at the same time.

Spring-Summer Chanel Makeup look number two:

So Na’s makeup is slightly different, but uses the same green eyeshadow, combined with darker colors of the new Chanel makeup collection. On her skin complexion, this look appears even more intense! Lips and cheeks are topped off with a reddish-pink color, and needless to say: choosing the right makeup, concealer and highlighter are a must! 


What do you think of these two looks? Too bold or would you try out green?




Photography and Makeup by Felicia Lazar

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