Felicia Lazar – Makeup Artist


My close friend and consultant, Felicia Lazar is a professional beautician and Makeup artist whom I trust implicitly when it comes to choosing the right skin care and makeup for me.

She strongly believes that the right skin care is essential to the final product…the face!
She will be sharing her insights on the market’s latest skin care products and also giving expert tips on how to treat your skin! She chooses her makeup based on accentuating certain parts of the face to give it that certain glow, which in turn highlights each individual’s beauty. From the moment she picks up her pencil, her passion is in full bloom. In Latin, her name means “happiness”, which she brings to every photo shooting that we have done so far.

Her motivation in beauty?

Because each face is unique, makeup can offer so much diversity. Combinations of colours allows for new and exciting creations each time. With her keen attention to details, Felicia presents a new expression, a new story, and a new beauty every time.

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