Single and Fabulous – How we celebrate Valentine’s Day

Single and Fabulous – How we celebrate Valentine’s Day

And another ordinary day, except it’s not: it’s the 14th of February – VALENTINE’S DAY. As proud singles, So Na and I decided to celebrate it differently this year: we’re focusing on ourselves! Why is that? Let us summarize:

1. Most importantly, we have learnt to accept ourselves with all our strengths AND weaknesses
2. We’re following our shared passion for fashion (accidental rhyme)
3. Surround ourselves with people who support us, who do not demean us (big shout out to all Mr. Wrongs we’ve dated)

All of these points support us in having healthy relationships with ourselves, hence, we’re celebrating self-love on the day of LOVE.

Purposefully, both our outfits are mainly black, with some glittery, and red highlights. I’m wearing this knee-length, glittery skirt from Rinascimento (I bought it here) that I combined with a simple, wool, black tee with a bit of lace around my décoletté. For a change, I tied the upper part of my hair up into a loose knot and curled the rest of my hair. Lately, ZARA has been selling unusual earring designs, that’s where I found these incredible, golden pearl earrings!

So Na is wearing a tight, black, leather skirt with red lips decorating it. Although she bought the blouse at the same place (right here), it looks like it was made for the skirt. The skirt is from Vera & Lucy, and the blouse from Skh Paris. It is tied in the front and has a red rose on the chest part.

Cherish yourself! Loving someone else starts with accepting yourself the way you are! Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your plans or non-plans with us in the comments below!

Photography and Makeup by Felicia Lazar

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