Tall Skirts for Tall Girls

Tall Skirts for Tall Girls

People have told me that they’d prefer me to wear shorter skirts, since long skirts make me seem even “longer”. Everyone can have his or her opinion, but representative for all tall girls, I felt like this was such a limitation to we can wear. Looking at my closet, it is actually filled with longer skirts reaching below my knees. I feel feminine, classy and stylish at the same time wearing them. I also posess shorter skirts in my closet, but feel like they are appropriate for more casual or party-like occasions. Especially in an office, I would refrain from wearing short skirts, as they just don’t reflect the seriousness required for that kind of environment.

To show that tall skirts are also made for tall girls, I chose my favorite, light pink petticoat skirt. It’s tied in the front and flows softly down my silhouette. I got it at Queens in Trier, from the brand Rinascimento.

Along with the skirt, I am wearing a black t-shirt from Karl Lagerfeld, a black leather jacket with a peplum. I got the metallic pink ballerina in the UK in Cambridge, and bought them at Ted Baker. Speaking of Cambridge, this place is full of artists and makers, with a bunch of little cafes and shops, therefore a very inspirational place to be! I especially loved the boutiques, as they sold entirely different cuts and designs.

Think that tall skirts make tall girls appear even “longer”?
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Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn

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