The Chic in Business

The Chic in Business

You might recognize me from other posts, like here, or here, but this time I’ll be contributing as a guest writer. I’ll be sharing my experiences in dressing business, which started out in black-white, secretary style, that made me look much older than I actually was at that time. This has certainly changed throughout the past years, where I finally learnt how to incorporate my true style into my business looks.

In this guest post, I share two of my favorite office looks (all found here and from the brand from Miss Miss) that empower me in my own skin, while being chic in business at the same time. The way I face an expected hard day at work, will be influenced by the way I dress.


My outfits basically influence me from the-outside-in!

Here, I’m combining a pair of dark blue trousers with white dots and a white blouse with detailed stitchery in black, blue and green. The attention to detail that both – top and bottom – have received, turn this outfit into more than just dark trousers with a white blouse.

In private life, I love to combine casual with chic, and colorful pieces or accessories.
Highlight of this outfit is the red, slightly transparent blouse that has long trumpet sleeves and a hint of a turtle neck. As I don’t have that much time every morning for my hair styling, I am wearing a ponytail.

To top off my chic business look, I wore thin, gold glasses and the same makeup look for both outfits.

To matten my face, we chose a primer to give the whole look less shimmer. We layered it with the “Double Wear Nude” foundation, a new product that Estee Lauder recently revealed. To enhance my cheekbones, we used this incredible “Bronze Powder Goddess.” The Estee Lauder rouge in “Pure Color Blush” gave me some rosy cheeks.
For the eyes, we applied a “Limited Edition” eyeshadow and an intensive, deep black eyeliner and Estee Lauder’s brand new, incredibly voluminizing mascara “Pure Color Lash Multi Effects“. The lipstick is a mix of two types “Pure Color Envy n°340” and “Pure Color Laquer n°01” that make them glow.

What do you think of these two looks for the outfit and makeup? Do you prefer a more classical look or do you like to mix it up by adding some color into your outfit? Let me know in the comments below about how you are chic in business and check me out on Instagram!

Makeup by Felicia Lazar
Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn

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  • by Emanuela
    Posted 22. February 2018 20:58 0Likes

    I like the looks you present here and the idea of remainig true to one’s personal style even when dressing business-like! ❤️

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