Venezian-inspired Styling

Venezian-inspired Styling

Venezia – the place to be in the 15th for fashion lovers! Amazing fabrics, luxury Burano lace, and velvets have sparked the interest of many famous celebrities such as Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Tay (source: BBC) – and mine! I might not have been in Venezia for this shooting, but this scenery definitely gave off some Italian vibes that transitioned onto my outfit! Inspired by one of my all time favorite brands, Dolce and Gabbana, who shot their Spring/Summer 2018 collection (#DGVENEZIA) in Venezia, I created my own version of it!

I stumbled over this incredible dress at Zara! It comes in two pieces: a long black, dress with spaghetti straps plus a transparent black, red with velvet green elements that is worn above it. It makes me feel super feminine, due to the classy colors and sexy, since it is slightly transparent. In the same store, I spotted these amazing, flashy red earrings to complete my venezian-inspired styling!

Spring began March 20th, but I have not seen much of it. I threw on this sheep jacket from Noisy May, to keep warm and cozy.  Think it fits? I could have chosen a simple, black trench, but I felt this breaks it down a bit.

If the sun finally decides to come out next month, I’d ditch the black stockings (bought here), and wear some bright red sandals with this look!

Let me know in the comments below if Italian fashion inspires you, too!
Some of you might recognize this Gothic location in Trier, Germany – any guesses?


Makeup by Felicia Lazar
Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn

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  • by Theresa
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    Gorgeous!! Enjoyed the fashion and the read!!

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