My version of Budget Shopping

My version of Budget Shopping

I try to be a budget-minded person when it comes to shopping, but at the same time, I quickly get tired of seeing the same things in my closet. New clothes are always within reach, and mixing them up with my existing clothes lets me create new outfits! Of course, this comes at a cost, a financial sacrifice! It leaves me shopping on a tight budget, or Not.To.Shop.At.All, which is NOT an option.

My version of Budget Shopping?

Sales + Second Hand = BUDGET SHOPPING

My close friend So Na (I introduced her in this blog post before) and I went shopping and these are the outfits we picked out for the day! Got most of it at Charles and Anthony including the dress, jacket, pants and blouse. My grandfather regularly says: “I’m too poor to buy cheap!” As long as cheap does not equal cheap-looking, I’m often up for it – and it’s definitely the case here!

Loved the color blue in combination with the flowery dress! So Na paired it with some heels and black tights to pull it off in winter. She went second hand shopping on Kleiderkreisel to get the black booties. It’s like a flee market app, where we regularly find a bunch of high quality, sometimes even expensive, luxury items at excellent conditions and at reduced prices!

My blouse is full of details: it’s tight and short fit makes it look like a “crop-blouse”. The sleeves are cut open on the sides, with some sparkly, silver pearls on the top. Got the leather jacket on sale at ESPRIT, it’s loose fit gives the outfit a nice edge.

What’s your budget shopping receipe? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


Makeup by Felicia Lazar
Photography by Jürgen Wingertszahn

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  • by Don Nicholson
    Posted 30. January 2018 9:53 0Likes

    I like a woman that can accept the idea of looking good on a budget. High Maintenance is the number one turn-off for most men, so „please“ keep pushing the idea.

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